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水曜日, 5月 09, 2007


2007/05/08-19:10 アドレス掲載の会社員逮捕=ポルノサイト紹介で、全国初-大阪府警


調べによると、開原容疑者らは2003年6月、児童のわいせつ画像を載せたサイトのアドレスを紹介する会員制のHP「奇跡を呼ぶ掲示板 秘密の入口」を開設。今年1月から3月にかけ、会員に女児の全裸の画像を載せたサイトを教え、閲覧させた疑い。

2007/05/08-19: With office worker arrest = pornographic sight introduction of 10 address publications, nationwide beginning - the Osaka prefecture police/policing

Assuming that the [wa] of the child it was and the [se] the home page (HP) it placed the address of the adult sight which places the picture, the Osaka prefecture police/policing boy section, child buying spring pornographic punishment method violation (the child pornographic open display) in doubt, the Kyoto prefecture Kumiyama Cho Nomura, office worker opening field 嘉 tree suspect (48) and others arrested 2 people to 8 days. Assuming, that address of the adult sight was taught, stand case as for being done with entire country the first time.

According to investigation, as for opening field suspects 2003 June, the [wa] of the child it is and the [se] “calls HP miracle of the member system which introduces the address of the sight which places the picture establishing the entrance of the bulletin board secret which”. From the January this year extending through March, the doubt which teaches the sight which places the picture of bareness of the girl in the member, makes peruse.

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