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With 26 only 11 amino acids with functional = eucaryote the smallest small-sized protein - Nara point large and so on

[shiyoujiyoubae] the egg before teasing, the embryo (it was) with, the small-sized protein which is formed with only 11 amino acids (peptide) it understood that the role which is indispensable to existence is carried out. The nara advanced technology graduate school large and Institute of Physical and Chemical Research occurrence playback scientific comprehensive research center (Kobe city) the research team on the 8th, announced to the electronic edition of the English scientific magazine nature cell biology.

Unless there is this peptide, besides the fact that it cannot designate projection as the cell where the inner wall of the windpipe is formed, the windpipe not be able to breathe collapses and becomes, the case where even in the cell in the body chart it grew in the larva the projection which is necessary for movement is not possible, like the milled rice becomes slippery. You call smallest with the eucaryote where the flora and fauna is included as the peptide which functioning is done with in vivo.

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