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水曜日, 5月 09, 2007






woman self-protecting soldiers country “with suit = [sekuhara] damage pain” - the Sapporo district court

Assuming that it did and received mental pain the country on the 8th, it caused the lawsuit which calculates approximately 11,000,000 Yen such as consolation money from the partner in the Sapporo district court e.g., the woman soldier who works in the Air Self Defense Force facility inside Hokkaido, after receiving [sekuhara] behavior from the man soldier of the colleague, is pressed for retirement even from the man superior who is consulted.

According to 訴 condition, the woman soldier September of last year which in the north section Aircraft Control and Warning Wing 45th Aircraft Control and Warning Group (Hokkaido Tobetsu Cho) of Air Self Defense Force has worked, was called by the man soldier (32) who, is in the midst of working the night shift the body received the [sekuhara] damage such that it is touched in the boiler clerk's office. The woman soldier consulted on damage with the man superior, but it became unable to receive going out permission, in order to put out retirement prayer, it was approached.

The military police of Air Self Defense Force this year 2 ends of the month, accepted the damage report of the woman soldier formally.

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