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水曜日, 5月 09, 2007






寂 optical institute arson incidents leave the aging = black burning 菩 薩, - Kyoto

The nunnery of the Heike story [yu] temporary heaven stand sect, 寂 optical institute (Kyoto city Sakyo Ku Ohara grass raw town) with 2000, as for the arson incident where the main temple is burnt down while at the time of zero, it was unsolved 9th morning limitation of non present residence building arson crime was formed. Zizou of the principal image of Buddha which has become the black burning while that form is left has conveyed the memory of vicious incident.

As for fire May 9th of the same year occurrence to early dawn. The fire break-out it made from the main temple which is the 寂 optical institute center, the building was burnt down. Principal image of Buddha “wooden Zizou of the important cultural assets which are inside the hall 菩 薩 (the [bo]) the statue” (height approximately 2.5 meters) and, flat also the image and the like of building gratitude gate institute of the daughter of heaping burnt clearly with the third generation superior of temple.

Fire break-out at that time being unmanned, the kerosene and from the fact that the plastic make container which dissolved is detected, as for the prefecture police/policing investigation one section as arson incident it concludes near the getting wet edge of main temple west side. On the basis of the information of sight of the young man where it runs from the temple with the bicycle and keeps going away, hearing around and so on it was packed and advanced, but it did not reach to the specification of the suspect.

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