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Immediately after 18 starting axle breaking = as for breaking inside the body - coaster being killed or being injured accident Osaka

The coaster derailed with recreational area “extract Polish” of Osaka prefecture Suita city, 1 women died, 19 people heavily in the accident which owes the flesh wound, as for the axle breaking what is seen as the position which approximately 165 meters advances from starting on the 8th, understood with investigation of the prefecture police/policing Suita station investigation headquarters.

The group of passengers of the coaster “wind God thunder god II which” causes accident after the starting testify that to be prompt strange noise and there was the extreme vibration, vis-a-vis the investigation headquarters. The investigation headquarters immediately after the starting seeing that the axle broke, analyze the vehicle and the rail, etc hurry cause investigation.

With investigation, as for portion of the axle from starting the course first half it had fallen to the land of approximately 165 meters. So far, it was seen that it broke at the course latter half.

As for axle length approximately 40 centimeters and diameter approximately 5 centimeters. With the part which connects unit and the body which consist of five wheels, the both ends are locked with the nut. The axle left and right is 1 each by one vehicle.

That 2nd it derails as for vicinity of the nut outside the axle the left broke it had explained extract Polish, but with investigation of the investigation headquarters, really it understood anew that it is near the nut inside. From the fact that it is not the rust and corrosion on the broken-out section, the minute scar which it occurs in metal fatigue spreads, the possibility the axle breaking is high.

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