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With 55 asbestos damages [kubota] first suit = “with the country measure it neglected”, - the bereaved family Kobe district court of the medium skin swelling man

Machine builder major [kubota] (Osaka city) the old Kanzaki factory (Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city) being soon, you worked, assuming that Yamanouchi Kouzirou = at that time dies in the medium skin swelling (80) the bereaved family =, the asbestos of the same factory is cause the same company and the country on the 8th, you caused the lawsuit which requests the compensation for damage of approximately 42,000,000 Yen from the partner, in the Kobe district court. Centering on asbestos damage, as for being able to appeal the same company the first time.

According to 訴 condition, Yamanouchi from 1939 to 75 worked at the YANMAR Amagasaki factory which is south 50 meters of old Kanzaki factory. It was diagnosed the medium skin swelling in 95, next year, died. Around the [kubota] factory presently of March last year, 99 inhabitants becomes the medium skin swelling, you say that the inside 72 people have died.

Plaintiff side “after 60, damage report followed one another, in the foreign country damage of environmental being disclosed of the asbestos became common. [kubota] and the country sufficiently could recognize danger in spite, over the long period of time neglected measure even”, that you insist.

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