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水曜日, 5月 09, 2007

MS、「Forefront Client Security」と「System Center Essentials 2007」をリリース


Microsoftは米国時間5月2日、セキュリティ製品とマネジメント製品の販売拡大の一環として「Forefront Client Security」と「System Center Essentials 2007」のリリースを発表した。

Forefront Client Securityは、企業向けPC、ノートPC、サーバを、スパイウェア、ウイルス、ルートキットなどから保護することを目的とした製品である。一方でSystem Centerは、中規模企業向けの製品で、業務用のサーバ、クライアント、ハードウェア、ソフトウェア、サービスの監視や管理を、1つのコンソールから行うことができる。


Microsoft announced the release “of Forefront Client Security” and “System Center Essentials 2007” American time May 2nd, as a part of sale enlargement of the security product and the management product.

Forefront Client Security, for enterprise PC and note PC, the server, the spy wear, is the product which designates that it protects from the virus and the route kit etc as purpose. On the one hand, as for System Center, with the product for medium scale enterprise, and, from one console it can watch the server, the client, the hardware, the software and service for business manage.


In a move to expand its security and management product lines, Microsoft announced Wednesday the release of its Forefront Client Security and System Center Essentials 2007.

As previously reported, Forefront Client Security is designed to protect corporate PCs, laptops and servers from spyware, viruses and rootkits. System Center, meanwhile, is designed for mid-size businesses and aims to allow IT managers to view and manage company servers, clients, hardware, software and services from a single console.


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