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水曜日, 5月 09, 2007

ネットギア、NASシステムメーカーのInfrant Technologies買収へ


ネットワーク関連機器専門ベンダーのNETGEAR(本社:カリフォルニア州サンタクララ)は米国時間5月3日、NASシステムメーカーのInfrant Technologies(本社:カリフォルニア州フリーモント)を6000万ドルの現金で買収することを発表した。買収は今四半期中に完了の予定。

NETGEARによると、Infrantが一定の業績を達成した場合には、今後3年間で最大2000万ドルをInfrant株主に追加で支払う可能性もあるという。Infrantの最高経営責任者(CEO)Paul Tien氏は、NETGEARのバイスプレジデント兼ストレージ製品担当ゼネラルマネージャーに就任する予定。


NETGEARの会長兼CEOのPatrick Lo氏は、「Infrantの製品は、ZeteraのMicroSAN技術をベースにしたNETGEARの既存の『Storage Central』製品を補完するものであり、拡大するNAS市場へのNETGEARの浸透を加速させるのに役に立つ。デジタルコンテンツの制作や共有、安全管理に依然として多くの人が投資を付けている。これを受け、NASの需要も拡大を続けることが予想される」と語っている。



NETGEAR of network-related equipment special vendor (head office: The california state Santa Clara) American time May 3rd, Infrant Technologies of NAS system manufacturer (head office: California state [hurimonto]) it announced that it purchases with the cash of 60,000,000 dollar. Purchase now during quarter schedule of completion.

According to NETGEAR, when Infrant achieves the fixed achievement, you say that maximum of 20,000,000 dollar there is also a possibility of paying to the Infrant shareholder with addition in 3 years. The highest management patsy of Infrant (CEO) as for Paul Tien, the vise President of NETGEAR and the schedule where is inaugurated as the storage product charge general manager.

As for Infrant, for business and 1 corporations of the enterprise which produces, the storage product of standard Ethernet connection for the consumer. As for this, the product because the plural computers share the same storage. NAS makes for high-end expensive technology generally, but it receives data protection and the increase of the needs, for large increasing capacity is filtering into also small-scale enterprise.

As for the chairman of NETGEAR and Patrick Lo of CEO, “as for the product of Infrant, it is something which compensates the existing 'Storage Central product of NETGEAR which designates the MicroSAN technology of Zetera as the base', although it accelerates the permeation of NETGEAR to the NAS market which is expanded is useful. Many people have acquired investment to production and joint ownership and safety control of the digital contents as still. This is received, you say it is expected” that also the demand for NAS continues enlargement.

NETGEAR 34 employees of Infrant, the cooperation factory, means in the future to designate the product pipeline of 12 months as the hand. With NETGEAR it plans also the fact that the foreign country it develops the distribution net of the respective company.


Networking specialist Netgear announced on Thursday that it's acquiring Infrant Technologies, a maker of small network-attached storage (NAS) systems, for $60 million in cash.

The company may pay up to $20 million more to Infrant shareholders over the next three years if certain financial goals are met, and the acquisition is expected to close this quarter, Netgear said. Infrant Chief Executive Paul Tien is set to become vice president and general manager of storage products at Netgear.

Fremont, Calif.-based Infrant is one of a host of companies making storage systems that connect to home or work computers via standard Ethernet networks, a technology that lets multiple computers share the same storage. NAS is typically a higher-end, more expensive technology, but it's spreading to small businesses as people need more data protection and capacity.

"Infrant's offerings complement Netgear's current Storage Central offering, which is based on Zetera's micro SAN (storage area network) technology and accelerates Netgear's participation in the expanding market for network-attached storage," Netgear Chairman and CEO Patrick Lo said. "As people continue to invest in creating, sharing and securely saving digital content, we expect the demand for network-attached storage (to) continue to grow."

Netgear, based in Santa Clara, Calif., is acquiring Infrant's 34 employees, manufacturing relationships and 12-month future product pipeline. It plans to expand Netgear's distribution globally.

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