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水曜日, 5月 09, 2007

サン、「OpenOffice」のMacOS X Aqua対応を支援



SunのPhilipp Lohmann氏はOpenOffice.orgの公式ブログで米国時間5月3日午前、Sunが同社の生産性スイート「StarOffice」のオープンソース版であるOpenOfficeの、Macユーザー用インターフェース「Aqua」へのポーティングを支援すると発表した。これは、SunがMacユーザー向けOpenOfficeのベータ版をリリースして以来、5年近くも継続されてきたプロジェクトである。



Sun started the support “of” project. Perhaps the Mac user you can obtain the native edition of more quickly than expectation.

Philipp Lohmann of Sun announced that American time May 3rd morning, porting to of interface “Aqua” for the Mac user of OpenOffice where Sun is open source edition of productivity suite “StarOffice” of the same company is supported with official [burogu] of This, since Sun for the Mac user release doing the beta edition of OpenOffice, is the project which also nearly 5 years continue.

But the beta edition is Aqua and graphic technology of Apple, because it was not constructed making use of “Quartz”, it utilizes, it was necessary to install another software. According to Lohmann, Sun has expected that it can accelerate the compilation of native edition, with the support of the developers. But, the same person did not make release time clear.


Mac users waiting for a native version of might see it sooner than they might have thought, now that Sun has thrown its support behind the project.

Sun's Philipp Lohmann announced on his blog this morning that Sun will help with the port of OpenOffice--the open-source version of Sun's StarOffice productivity suite--to Aqua, the Mac user interface. This has been an ongoing project for almost five years, ever since Sun released a beta version of OpenOffice for Mac users.

That version, however, required the installation of additional software since it wasn't built using Apple's Aqua and Quartz graphics technology. Sun hopes it can speed up the process of creating a native version with the help of its developers, Lohmann said. Still, (perhaps smartly) he didn't offer a timetable.


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