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4月にジョージア州アトランタでSAPが主催した「SAPPHIRE 07」カンファレンスで計画の詳細を明らかにしたSAPの共同創業者兼会長のHasso Plattner氏は米国時間5月8日、当地で開催中の「Software 2007」カンファレンスで再びこの計画に触れた。「A1S」というコード名を与えられたこのプロジェクトの大半はまだ秘密のままだが、Plattner氏は新たな情報をいくつか明らかにした。


A1Sは、これと多様なホステッドビジネスアプリケーションを連係させたいと考える中小企業が対象になる見込み。SAPのデータとアプリケーションを連係させる「NetWeaver」バックエンドミドルウェアとSAP Business Suiteをベースに構築される。

Plattner氏によると、このプロジェクトは「NetWeaverとSAP Business Suiteがベース」になり、新たに開発されたコードも組み込まれるという。





SAPはまた同日、OutlookSoftを買収する計画であることも明らかにした。買収を通し、最高財務責任者(CFO)たちへの訴求力を強化する意向だ。 OutlookSoftは予算管理、見込み管理用のソフトウェアを開発する。



The california state Santa Clara--The joint founder of SAP it appealed that development of the next generation application is advanced favorably.

In April in the Georgia Atlanta SAP sponsored “SAPPHIRE 07” as for Hasso Plattner of the joint founder and the chairman of SAP which in the conference makes the details of plan clear American time May 8th, is in the midst of holding at this area, “Software 2007” it mentioned this plan again in the conference. But the large portion of this project which can give the cord/code name, “A1S” while still it is secret, Plattner several new information made clear.

The new software is developed from 3 years ago, but SAP has not published price or sale time.

As for A1S, the possibility that the small and medium-sized business which you think that this and we would like to connect various [hosutetsudobijinesuapurikeshiyon], becomes the object. The data and application of SAP are connected are constructed “NetWeaver” back ended middleware and SAP Business Suite to the base.

According to Plattner, as for this project “NetWeaver and SAP Business Suite become the base”, you say that also the cord/code which was developed anew is installed.

With A1S interface of 2500 is prepared, as for the user selecting necessary ones, installing in the platform of the self, can utilize in management of production and management and project management etc of allowance. Although it makes clear, the cord/code base unless it is released, Plattner expresses these module structures.

As for Plattner, “as for the cord/code it is not disclosed. It means to use interface that way”, that you express.

With the same project, high speed and low price you have aimed toward the fact that the method of installing application is presented in the enterprise system.

According to SAP, you call the same project that it utilizes also in memory database which raises performance substantially.

In addition as for SAP the same day, it made also that it is the plan that it purchases OutlookSoft clear. Through purchase, the highest financial affairs patsy (CFO) to it is the intention which strengthens 訴 seeking power. OutlookSoft develops the software of management and possibility administrative use of budget.

Condition and the like of purchase is not made clear. As for purchase in 2007 June possibility of completion.


SANTA CLARA, Calif.--Software maker SAP is making strides in the development of its next-generation applications, the company's co-founder said.

Hasso Plattner, who last month during SAP's Sapphire conference in Atlanta disclosed details of the company's plans, was back at it again Tuesday during the Software 2007 conference here. And although much of the project, which goes by the code name A1S, is still under wraps, Hasso discussed a few more details.

SAP has yet to disclose pricing and a launch date for the new software, which has been under development for three years.

Users of the software are expected to be small and midsize businesses that are looking for a full range of hosted business applications to plug into SAP's new infrastructure, or A1S. The platform will be built on SAP's NetWeaver, the company's back-end middleware that connects SAP data with other applications, and SAP's business suite.

Plattner said the project "will be built on NetWeaver and SAP Business Suite" but that it incorporates newly developed code.

A1S will feature 2,500 interfaces that serve as modules that users can choose to plug into their platform to handle such tasks as manufacturing, payroll and project management. The modules, or structure, will be exposed to users, but the code base will not, Plattner said.

"No code will be exposed, so you have to stick to the interfaces," Plattner said.

The project aims to deliver a faster and potentially less expensive method for users to deploy applications onto their enterprise systems.

The project will also feature in-memory databases, which can greatly increase performance, according to SAP.

SAP, meanwhile, announced Tuesday that it plans to acquire OutlookSoft, in a move meant to bolster its presence with corporate chief financial officers. OutlookSoft develops software for integration planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Terms of the deal were not released and the deal is expected to be completed by June 2007.


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